Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hammers of Thegn The Story

The Hammers of Thegn existed under the rule of several sub-Kings, the most prominent was Eohric who ruled East Anglia from 890 – 902. Although our service was from 870 until the taking of East Anglia in 920 this was by far our most active period.

The Lord Eohric, passing through the town of Colchester, came through searching for warriors to fill the places of those who had fallen in the last battle with the Engels and to resupply his army. Gathering the able bodied of the town together in the square with the purpose of recruiting, two men stood apart from the crowd and were approached by the Man at Arms and asked what their place was in the village. These were the towns blacksmith and leather worker, and although they attended with the aim of trade in their pockets the call of battle was in their hearts. The King's man was thirsty for battle and ordered two of his battle hardened warriors to “Show these greedy oafs their place in the world!” he was not to know that their past held several great battles to defend the town and their honour.

Side by side the townsmen readied themselves to fend off the warriors. Slipping their blades from the scabbards that housed them a great circle was made as those that watched made room for the fight. Eohric had heard the commotion and hankered to this place of battle next to his Man at Arms. Eohric's men made their first attack and divided the townsmen to even the match. With slash and thrust the warriors made to cleave the townsmen and cut them down, to prove to their king and their gods that they were worthy, and with each strike came the townsmen's block. Warriors from the army and townsfolk alike cheered their champions for that is what they had become. Blacksmith cut in under a well placed strike and sliced his foe's ribs letting him know that this was no mere peasant to be trifled with. The leather worker was not out matched either, with a step inside the second warriors defences he brought his sword up under his opponents guard and cleaved his arm from the shoulder. Blacksmith and warrior in the heat of battle heeded not the fallen warrior but continued their melee. As the king's warrior thrust for the blacksmith he paired and with a flurry of strikes separated the warrior from his mortal coil.

Amongst those men who gathered to join the army and march for the honour of their town was the Carpenter spurned on by the display of the two men. Eohric stood before the churning new recruits and spoke. “ We march for Witham to defend our borders and this town, who amongst you will join my ranks?”. At this the recruits rose in chorus “We will!”

On Arriving at Witham Eohric's army was confronted with a vast English opposition. To the front line came the warriors of Colchester still thirsting for battle. On the first wave they broke the line, Blacksmith, Leather worker, and Carpenter driving their steel through the enemies shields and through their enemies like hammers of strength for their king. Two days of battle and many lost the army of Eohric was victorious and the English retreated to their lands to lick their wounds.

A great feast was prepared for the king and his army when they returned to Colchester. At the high table the king rose and called forth his Colchester warriors. “You are to be honoured this day. Your Honour strength and respect on the battlefield are like none I have seen before.” He lifted his drink and bowed . Next he called forth the Blacksmith, Leather worker and Carpenter. “Two of you proved yourselves before the battle had even begun and to you all my honour would be to have you as hearth guard. You shall have lands, title, and your own banner to fly with mine. From now until your great journey you shall be known as the Hammers of Thegn, may Thor grant you always the blessing he has in this battle.”

To this day the Hammers of Thegn have existed with honour, respect, and strength. Gathering warriors to fight under it's banner with Thor's blessing on the battlefield. ASA-THOR, AND FAREWELL

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Gathering of Newcomers

This Sunday we will be having a new members meeting. Discussing the club and membership registration. What were about and what new members will be responsible for.

When: Sunday 22nd Fubruary
Time: 2pm
Where: Katoomba Community Gardens

In case of rain an alternate venue has been arranged, please contact via comments on this blog.

All are welcome to attend, no obligation to join on the day. This is for information and for meeting the existing members and potential new ones.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome all Warriors

Welcome to the blog of The Hammers of Thegn, a 9th century historical recreation club in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Here you'll be able to learn a bit about what we do and why. Also there will be a calander of events for the club, and some info for new members. But mostly this is where we'll keep you up to date with the goings on of the club.

So pull up a bit of earth, grab a horn and enjoy. The Hearth Keepers will be by shortly to make sure the warriors are well taken care of.